Sally Lemon

I can’t remember not drawing. My favorite gift when I was a child, was a pad of egg shell drawing paper.  I was an art major in college with an equal study of art history and painting classes. I drew ads for our family furniture store for many years.  Though I did watercolor back in the late 50’s, it wasn’t until about ten years ago that I started doing it again. I have learned so much about the medium then that I really hadn’t known before. I am hooked!  What I really love about the medium is the way that happy accidents occur. It sometimes flows and gives me a whole new Idea to follow. I can relate to authors that say their characters take over and have a life of their own. Sometimes that happens in a painting as well. I was involved with a co-op art gallery for about two years until it closed in 2009.  I have some work in Touchstone Gallery in Yachats Oregon.  I am a juried member of the Southwest Washington watercolor society.  Now I paint and travel around the country. I have been staying in Waldport for many years and love to paint the ocean and people walking the beach. The atmosphere changes constantly.  I live in the country in Yacolt WA, another lovely place to paint.


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