SWWS Annual Meeting

SWWS Annual Meeting – Nov 14, 11:00am, Saturday

Vancouver Heights United Methodist Church

5701 MacArthur Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98661

Our Gathering will begin at 11:00 am with a Brunch Social supplied by your Board of Directors. An “Evite” will be sent to you for your RSVP. Please reply to let the cooks plan for plenty of food. Following a good visit and yummy brunch we will have a short meeting. Please let us know if you have an item of business for our agenda ASAP. Our goal is to keep the meeting brief but we want to address your ideas and suggestions. Send to Nona at nonamay47@gmail.com

Business Meeting at 12:00pm

  1. Prospectus Survey- (Are you happy with the existing guidelines or?? Bring comments).
  2. Talent & Volunteerism Survey
  3. Proposed By-Laws Changes – Discussion
    Vote by email/ mail after 30 days or Call a regular meeting in January for vote
  4. Election of officers: Nominations from the Floor for President and additional Board members
    President: Vacant
    1st Vice President – Nona Scheurer, Juried
    2nd Vice President – Corinne McWilliams, Juried
    Secretary – Cindi Wlodarczyk, Juried
    Treasurer – Sally Lemon, Juried
    Board Members: 1) Sena Lowry, Juried, 2) Charlene Shelfer, Juried, 3) Nani Campbell, Associate, 4) Carol Lytle, Juried, 5) Marilyn Salter, Juried, ½ year, 6) Bd Member: Vacant, 7) Bd Member: Vacant
  5. Other Business:
  6. Adjournment: 12:50

AHA at 1:00pm Guests are invited to Attend

We have invited Harold Walkup, Signature member of both the National Watercolor Society and the Northwest Watercolor Society, to be our guest. Harold has been in Spain, Italy and France for the past 10 months painting the historical cities and countryside of Europe, as well as actively studying the history of Spanish art and artists. He frequently painted plein air with locals and was conferred honorary membership to their watercolor society, “Agrupacion de Acuarelistas Valencianos.” One of his paintings was in a group show in August in Valencia, Spain. Harold will talk about his stay and art experiences, present a Powerpoint presentation of his photos and share some of his watercolor paintings for your enjoyment.

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