Prepare Your Framed Art for Hanging

Prepare Your Framed Art for Hanging

One thing we really like: pictures hanging straight and level. It just looks better. But it is not the easiest job, and sometimes keeping a framed art piece straight is even harder. But leave it to Lynda to come up with a solution for use with wire hanging systems!

She has found that D-ring style hangers with taut plastic coated wire allow the hooks on the wire system to hang in the D-ring style hangers on both sides and so can be leveled and not slip. Some metal frames have the ”D, O, or triangular-ring” style hanger that also works. Placing the wire the standard 1/3 of the distance down from the top of the painting keeps it from tipping.


This new requirement will be a part of the SWWS Show Prospectus. Please bring your AIC or Show entry paintings ready to hang. This means plexi-glass and mats must be clean and free from lint/hair/spots/etc. Please note: entries not meeting the prospectus will not be accepted.


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